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Book Review: The Frugal Bride

So the first book on my pile of budget wedding books was The Frugal Bride: Save Money on Your Wedding Without Losing an Ounce of the Romance by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick.

When I initially flipped through this book it looked promising. The first few pages talked about negotiating with vendors and asking the right questions, which is kind of exactly what I was looking for. I want to know what questions to ask vendors when I’m considering their services.

Unfortunately, once I sat down to read the book, I found the format got really annoying. To me the book reads like a big long bullet list of tips, with real life stories scattered in. It didn’t feel very organized and I’d be hard pressed to easily find something again without reading through the whole section again.

The book did have a couple of good suggestions though. One that I liked was to open a separate chequing account for the wedding expenses. This would be super easy and free for me to do since I already bank with PC Financial, and it would be a great way to save for the wedding as well. One could start depositing a regular amount into the account every month, as well any financial help that may be offered by parents.

Another interesting suggestions was to attend wedding expos for the discounts and prizes that they offer. I’d pretty much ruled out wedding expos since I figure they cater to the $30,000 weddings crowds. But who knows, maybe I should check one out?

Overall this book was a really quick read and a bit more general than what I was really looking for. It did have a few good ideas and suggestions so it’s definitely worth a flip through but for me it wouldn’t be worth buying and keeping and referring to again while wedding planning.