Oh hai

Yup so clearly I didn’t follow through on that goal of mine to update this blog once a week for 3 months. I got distracted with a new purchase that was supposed to help me start a business, and the learning that came along with it. As it stands, I’ve grossed about $160 from that venture, and had a lot of fun learning new skills. There is potential for more of course, but I’m not working very hard at it.

In the larger picture, I keep going in circles about what to do about growing my income. Do I focus on trying to grow said business on the side? Do I focus on my career (and if so, in what direction)? Do I focus on learning more about investing and generating passive income? All of the above? All of the above would probably be best, but let’s face it I just don’t have enough hours in the day to go full throttle at all of the above and still have some kind of semblance of a life I enjoy.

I definitely need to learn about investing and take action. Our savings keep growing and sitting in a high interest account and that’s just not doing anyone any good. I did open an RRSP since my last post, with automatic contributions deducted from my paycheque. So at least not all of my money is sitting in savings. But I still haven’t contributed anything to my TFSA. Need to get on a plan with that!


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