Some things in life are more important than paying off interest?

I have quite a few posts that were sitting in my drafts from when I was keeping up this blog. Here’s one that I found particularly interesting from a then vs now perspective. It was a conversation circa November 2008 between myself and DH (at the time future DH) discussing our plans for the future.

CS: and we live two years of blissful servitude to pay off student loans
and then another two years of servitude, not as blissful by this point, to save for a wedding
MrCS: what! no! we can’t wait 2 years for the wedding!
CS: no?
MrCS: no!
MrCS: it will just have to take us 4-5 years to pay off my loan
so that we can save for other things in the meantime
CS: but we’ll end up spending thousands more on interest
MrCS: ok darling, some things are more important than paying off interest. like having a wedding. don’t you think?
CS: this is a good topic for a blog post
i shoudl ask my readers
MrCS: hahha
you have readers?
CS: like.. 1 or 2, maybe.

Well I never did ask ‘the readers’, and what ended up happening is that we had a budget wedding, and now after a couple of years of saving, the loans are ready to be paid off in full after I transfer the money over. Which I should have done last week, but didn’t. I stopped sweating the interest because I figured it was negligible given how low rates have been these last couple of years. I’m not going to worry about how much interest we paid, because this will all be over soon and we can get on with our lives.


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