Goal colored glasses

It may seem obvious, but it’s taken me this long to figure it out. It’s difficult to take action when you don’t have a clear goal to work towards. I’ve been fluffing around and not really feeling like I was accomplishing anything.

Last night I remembered something I told myself I wanted to do 3 years ago: retire early.

My first action item will be to buy some dividend paying stocks. I had a little bit of money in my TD Waterhouse account and I was going to buy some stocks today. Seems like a good day to buy some long-term holdings.

But when I realized the little money I had in my account would only get me a few shares, I decided I needed to add money to it. So I’m pillaging my cushion fund (which I *just* got to where I wanted it) and set it up (it takes time to move money around), and I am hopefully going to buy my first stocks by the end of this week or early next week.

I am going to buy either BNS or L. I have been watching L for 3 years and it’s totally plummeted, but I believe the company can turn itself around. Regardless, I think the value of their real estate holdings should keep the stock from going down much further. And if I am totally wrong it will only cost me a few thousand and I’m ok with that.

The appeal of BNS is that I can enroll in a DRIP.

Could be that my analysis sucks, but I gotta start somewhere.


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