secrets and smarts and saving

Two great posts I read today:

And the interesting thing is that the first point in the first post, Taking action is more important than taking correct action, is kind of what the second post is about. It’s better to save (the action) than to find the most optimal investments (correct action).

Anyway the post about saving made me feel better. I’m pretty good about saving and lately I’ve been feeling bad about my lack of investing action and wondering why I’m letting all this money I’m saving just sit in a high interest savings account.

What I really need to do is automate my finances more. I’m going to do that after I pay my next credit card bill which will have a rather large one time but necessary charge on it. Or maybe I should just be using the money in my cushion fund to pay for things like that… Ok my action item for next week-end will be to get my finances automated.


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