Grocery total update

Week 8 my grocery total is up to $353.44. Like I said, I wasn’t going to spend much on groceries this past week and I didn’t!

Funny thing happened to me at the Buy Low though. I was only buying one thing, some egg roll wrappers to make spring rolls, and the check out lady looked at them and said “Oh! I didn’t know we had these.” she rang them through and then said “Oh. They’re expensive!”. Then I was trying to ask her where she went to buy them and what a reasonable price to pay is (I have no idea) but I guess she realized she maybe shouldn’t be telling customers that products were over priced so she didn’t really give me a straight answer. Oh well. I probably would have been better to go down to T & T or some place like that but it’s a bit of a trek out and I want to get these made today. Anyway, apparently $3.48 is expensive for spring roll wrappers.


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