Exploring the scooter option

I’ve had a whole lot of bus misadventures ever since I moved to Vancouver. So many in fact that my roomate keeps telling me I should start a bus misadventures blog… Anyway after a couple of really annoying rides last week, I snapped. I figured there Has Got To Be Another Way.

I started thinking about getting a scooter, maybe something like this Kymco. I didn’t care about style or anything, just something functional that will get me from point A to point B. But when I ran the idea past my dad (my go-to person for advice on these sort of purchases) he said not to even bother with anything under 150cc, so I’d be looking at something more like this scooter, which is a bit more than I really want to spend at this point. I mean, I’ve just about got my cushion fund where I want it, do I really wanna blow it all on a scooter?! Plus, I just found this great post over at Ginger Won’t Snap on her Vespa Investigation and I totally didn’t even start thinking about the costs of insurance or what kind of license I’d need to get. Needless to say, the costs add up fast!

It’s funny though how the combination of the weather warming up and gas prices going up to infinity really has people seriously considering alternative forms of transportation like scooters. Just over the week-end I was back in Calgary and saw that one of the neighbors had just bought a new scooter and was showing it off and riding it up and down the street. It must have been a 50cc coz even going slow on a residential street the motor was working hard and making a lot of noise.

Anyway, I realized that in Vancouver I’d probably stick to riding my scooter on the designated shared streets (meant for bike traffic, they incorporate traffic calming features and usually run next to a main street making it easy, enjoyable, and safer to get where you’re going). So why not just get a bike? And so the scooter idea was laid to rest. For the time being anyway.


1 Response to “Exploring the scooter option”

  1. 1 Ginger May 12, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Hey, thanks for linking to me!

    It’s awesome that you’re investigating the scooters… I’m also considering a Kymco among other brands, and my dad is my go-to person for these types of things too 😉

    BTW, my daddy agrees with your daddy, get the bigger cc engine!

    Did you know some of the scoots are even good enough to drive on the freeways?


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