Tips on negotiating salary

Just came accross this great article called Ladies, Take off your Tiara! It talks about how statistically women have a harder time asking for higher compensation. My favourite part of the article were these tips on negotiation for a better salary:

  • Start positive and get it in writing. Johnson suggests saying something like, “I’m thrilled by the offer, but I would like to get the whole compensation package that you’ve offered me in writing.”
  • Be firm. If the organization offers you a figure lower than what you expected, say something like, “I appreciate the offer, but I have to say that the base salary is less (or significantly less) than I anticipated given what the appropriate range is for this position and for the skills and experience that I bring to the job. Can you give me a sense of how much room there is to maneuver on this number?”
  • Follow up. If an employer still won’t budge on the number, have them agree to a salary negotiation, or review, in six months as opposed to a year. Additionally, find other areas of the job to negotiate. Whether it’s working on a specific project, or with a certain group of clients.

I also really liked the tip on keeping a monthly journal of accomplishments that you can refer to when negotiating your salary. I always draw a blank when it comes to promoting myself even though I know I do lots of great things. Having a list I could quickly refer to would be invaluable.


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