Cutting down on paper clutter

I like to try and keep things as organized as possible and as uncluttered as possible. It’s not always easy but I just came to the realization that it’s so important to always think about habits and always be trying to make things better.

Case in point, I save all my receipts for anything I pay by credit card, and every month when I get my credit card bill I go through all the receipts and reconcile everything. When I’m done, I neatly staple the receipts to the credit card bill and file it away.

I thought it was a pretty good and organized system. But, I just realized that really, I don’t need to be saving a big stack of grocery receipts every month. After the reconciliation, do I really need to hang on to those receipts? I’m thinking… no. So going forward I’ve decided I will only keep receipts for larger purchases and transit passes (for when I do my taxes next year). But all those $10-20 grocery/restaurant/not important receipts are going in the garbage as soon as they’ve been reconciled.

Anyone know of any good reason to hang on to those receipts?


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