Salaries and freebies.

Given my recent contemplating of salaries and negotiating and the like, I found the discussion following Krytal’s post on her 3 month review very interesting. I found this comment to have some good pointers I’m going to have to keep in mind next time I face a salary review.

It was also interesting to read people’s comments on expectations one should have after a 3 month review. For my first salaried position I got a bit of a bump right after my 3 month review. It was an unexpected surprise, but it’s funny how it lead to the expectation that that was the norm. When I negotiated my salary for my current job, I kind of assumed that there would be a 3 month review and I’d get a raise. After the position was offered to me I was a bit disappointed to find out that salary reviews only happen once a year, so unless I change to a different position, the salary I negotiated is the one I’m getting for the next year. A bit of a bummer since it was the lowest I’d be willing to take. Lesson learned.

Squawfox has a good post on why freebies are for the birds. This past week-end I had to scramble to use a $25 gift card that expired on Sunday. I got the gift card when I made a purchase at a clothing retailer back in March. At the time I thought I was being so clever to get the gift card, but it came with all kinds of restrictions and in the end I spent it on a $30 scarf. I love the scarf, but in real life I would pretty much not ever spend that much on a small piece of fabric. So yeah I got to use the card, but it wasn’t really saving me money on my original purchase (which is the way I’d spun it in my head) since it’s money I wouldn’t have spent if I didn’t have the gift card.


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  1. 1 squawkfox April 26, 2008 at 6:57 am

    Hi centsprout! Thank you so much for the mention! I’m happy you liked the freebie birdie post. I had lots of fun writing it! 🙂

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