Bumbling along.

I feel bad that I start so many posts saying ‘things have been really hectic lately’ coz it sounds like such a cop-out, but they have been… Or maybe I’m just easily overwhelmed. Who knows.

One of the many things I’ve been dealing with is… Mice in my apartment. Yuck. It really makes me want to move, but I won’t move into another roomate situation (such a gamble) and I can’t afford even a bachelor basement anywhere in the vicinity of downtown Vancouver because I don’t make much and rent is expensive. So the roomie and I have been trying to deal with them as best we can and hopefully they will go away and I can stay here and keep paying my reasonably priced rent. Although I’ve come to the realization that it’s reasonable probably because we have an absentee landlord.

Anyway. The other day I was playing around on Networth IQ and according to their statistics for my age and education my income is way below average (what am I doing wrong?!), BUT for my income and occupation my networth is way above average. So that tells me that I’m good at saving. But that I need to work on my career.

I keep thinking it would probably be very helpful for me to blog about work and my job because it will make me more aware of my career and no doubt be useful in the future when I move on to better things. Things that I have a hard time with, like negotiating salary or even just selling my abilities and skills. But I’m really nervous about blogging about work too much because even though I’m blogging anonymously I don’t actually believe that there is such a thing as anonymous blogging. Don’t anonymous bloggers always get found out in the end? And those who blog too much about work get the boot? Hrmmm. It would be one thing to be blogging about work if I paid attention to what I said, but I definitely couldn’t have a blog mixing details about my job and the company I work for and my personal finance stuff. That’s just too much information.


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