Ok so I’m about a week and a half into the 4 weeks of tracking groceries and I’m up to $37.75, which isn’t too bad. I’ve still got $25 in my wallet to last me until next Friday when I get paid next. We’ll see how that lasts. I think the hardest part will be the week-end, it always is since I’m usually out and about and find lots of ways to spend money. But at least I still have the $25 because I had a pretty crazy experience on the bus home from work where I’m pretty sure I narrowly avoided getting pickpocketed.

What happened was that all of a sudden I got a bad feeling about the man next to me, he was strangely close and when I happened to glance down I saw his hand, hidden under his jacket, right at the opening of my coat pocket (where my wallet was). Before I could even compute what was happening, I quickly moved far away from him. It wasn’t until later that I realized that he could have been going after my wallet, since he would have seen me put it there after I’d had it out to show my bus pass. The bus was really crowded and I had my hands full with bags so I was too lazy to put it in my purse and just dropped it in my pocket instead. So whew, that was a disaster narrowly averted.

I’d be pretty screwed if I did lose my wallet or if it was stolen though because I’d have no cash, no way of getting cash (since my bank card and ID would be in it), and no way of getting around since I’d have no bus pass! Boy would that ever suck. I’m going to take out my TD bank card right now and keep it at home. I use PC Financial for my daily banking, so there’s no reason why I need to carry my TD bank card around. Best not to keep all my eggs in one basket!

Grocery total to date: $37.75.


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