Keeping track

I got paid on Thursday (was supposed to be Friday, but I guess since it was a holiday they did it on Thursday) and thankfully that made my balance enough to cover my credit card bill that I have to pay this week. However, I still had to transfer money in from my savings account because there isn’t enough in my chequing account to cover my rent. I’m not sure what my landlord is up to, but he’s 1 month behind on cashing my rent cheques, so I have to always make sure there is at least $820 in my account should by chance he actually cash both the current month’s rent and the other outstanding one. That meant that I had to transfer another $525 into my account so both rent cheques are covered.

I have $35 in my wallet and that cash is going to have to last me for two weeks until I get paid next.

Once I get back on track, I’m going to have to repay all the money I’ve been taking out of my savings account starting with the $525 I just took out today. I guess you could say my savings account is acting as an emergency fund.


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