Tracking groceries

I know I talked about tracking my grocery money back at the beginning of February but I thought it would be better to wait until things were more settled before doing it and now is the time. I’m going to keep a tally of everything I spend on groceries for the next 4 weeks so that I can get a better idea of exactly how much I’m spending.

On the week-end I went to Donald’s Market for the first time after hearing how it’s a good value alternative to big chain grocery stores, especially for produce. I spent $13.22 on mostly produce. I’m not super good about remembering the prices of produce, but they did have a really good deal on Almond Breeze almond milk which I’ve been drinking lately. It was on sale for $1.99 vs. the usual $3 something I usually pay for it at IGA.

One thing I would like to get a handle on is the price of tomatoes because I eat them a lot (I recently bought an awesome950099_cherry_tomatoes_31.jpg cookbook, Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, and most of the recipes call for tomatoes) and I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes they seem expensive and sometimes a really good deal. For example on Friday I bought 3 roma tomatoes for $0.51 which to me seems like a great deal, but today my 1.78 lbs of field tomatoes came to $2.97. Maybe the prices are comparable, I have no idea and that’s why I’m going to start paying attention to tomato prices. Unfortunately I’ve already chucked the receipt from Friday so I can’t check how much I paid per pound for the roma tomatoes, but the field tomatoes from today were $1.69 a pound.

Grocery total to date: $13.22.


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