Budget Wedding Planning books

I went to the library yesterday on a mission to find out more about this business of having a wedding and not spending the average of $30,000 on it. Found the wedding planning section and grabbed every book that seemed like it might be useful. Ended up with these:

  • Fell’s Budget Weddings by Di Kivi
  • Budget Brides by Di Kivi
  • The Frugal Bride by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick
  • Wedding Chic by Nina Willdorf
  • The Everything Weddings on a Budget Book by Barbara Cameron
  • Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide by Carolyn Gerin and Kathleen Hughes
  • The Budget Wedding Sourcebook by Madeline Barillo

And took them over to a table to take a closer look. Just by quickly flipping through them I was able to put aside the lame ones lacking in good information but full of general common sense tips like “If your guest list is getting out of control, stop inviting more people” like gee thanks, couldn’t have come to that conclusion on my own, or to find an affordable wedding venue “Think outside the box” yes ok I get that, but please where are the specific suggestions and ideas? So I narrowed things down to just the four and will be reading them and posting my reviews on them.


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