Finding success as an entrepreneur

I love reading bios of successful entrepreneurs, especially young ones, because I always hope that somehow finding out about where they came from will give me some clue or hint on how I can be successful as well.

But I’ve come to the realization that often those bios focus on what worked out and gloss over what didn’t. Supposedly over 50% of small businesses fail, and we only hear about the ones that make it and are successful. However, a lot of those businesses that fail are driven into the ground by serial entrepreneurs who may have failed at a number of business attempts but eventually go on to start a business that actually becomes wildly successful. I’ve recently met a local successful entrepreneur who started a company in their mid 20s that now has profits in the seven figures. That’s pretty impressive, but they did try a lot of other things that didn’t work out before finding success (and of course that isn’t mentioned in their bio piece). I guess more than anything it’s important to remember that failures are just part of the learning process and it’s important to keep trying.

Here’s an interview Ramit did that talks about having lots of failures before finding success.


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