Deep discounts.

It’s that time of year when clothing retailers are heavily discounting their winter stock, and as such it’s a great time to find a good bargain. I lucked out because I finally found myself a nice suit at a good price. I’ve been looking for a suit for years pretty much, but I could never bring myself to pay the $300 a decent one would cost and couldn’t bring myself to spend $100 on a crap suit.

Seeing as how I’m in job hunt mode, a suit is pretty important. I used to think that only people applying for higher level positions needed to wear suits to interviews, and that I could get away with wearing some nice pants and a collared shirt. But a few years ago a recruiter set me straight and now having worked for a recruiting agency (one of my many eye-opening temp gigs), I have to say that it really does make a much better impression if someone shows up for an interview in a suit regardless of the position they are applying for.

Anyway, my suit criteria was good construction and a nice quality fabric (a light wool, ideally). And I totally lucked out and found myself a nice wool blend suit for $120, regular priced at $280. Of course, when shopping the deep discounts, it’s slim pickings. For example I didn’t get to pick the color because they only had my size left in one color, and they didn’t have any skirts left in my size either unfortunately. Ideally, one should buy a jacket with matching pants and skirt for optimum versatility, but at this price I can’t be too picky.

For anyone suit shopping during this sale period, I would really recommend going in the afternoon on a week-day if you can swing it. Matching jackets and pants and finding sizes in the limited stock that’s left is a lot easier if you have a sales clerk helping you. I’d actually gone to the same store on the week-end but the place was a complete zoo and of course all the sales clerks were too busy. But when I went during the week I lucked out, the store wasn’t too busy and a really great sales clerk gave me the low down on what sizes were left in what colors and ran around all over the place, checking the back and so on to find me the combination I needed. It was totally thanks to her that I walked out a very happy customer.

Anyway, I’m really happy that I finally got a nice suit. And I was also able to find a replacement shirt for the one I ruined with the iron at 60% off. So shopping the sales and waiting for the good deals really can pay off in the end.


1 Response to “Deep discounts.”

  1. 1 mariam January 23, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Good tips and reminder. It’s been awhile since I went clothes shopping. Would be good to window shop to see if I can find some steals.

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