Living below your means

Well I’ve had a lot of time to think these last couple of days after working a pretty boring typical office help job. I’m really surprised that I got work so fast, I was totally expecting to have at least a couple of weeks to relax (and job hunt a little) and explore the city some.

Anyway, I know one of the cornerstones of personal finance is your income, and for a good income one needs a good job. My problem is I have absolutely no direction when it comes to figuring out my career and that doesn’t make the job hunt very easy.

Thankfully, the other side of the coin is that I can’t seem to shake living like a broke college student. I guess my frugal nature is stronger than I thought. When I first started looking into finding housing here in Vancouver I decided I wanted to live on my own and not live in a basement, because I’ve been there done that for too long on both counts. But when I found a great deal on a basement suite in a decent location with one roommate, I jumped at the chance. By doing this I’m paying probably half of what I’d be paying if I were living on my own so I’m saving quite a bit of money, not to mention that the place was pretty much completely furnished except my room so I didn’t have to lay out a bunch of cash to make a place livable.

So while at first I was a little bummed to be living in a basement again, I got over it pretty quick after seeing how much money I’m saving and how it’s allowing me to take my sweet time and not worry about finding a superjob right away.


2 Responses to “Living below your means”

  1. 1 Emm January 18, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    how much rent do you pay, if you don’t mind me asking?
    i live in vancouver too, in a basement suite, with a roommate, and i always like asking for comparison.

  2. 2 centsprout January 19, 2008 at 12:19 am

    not at all, comparing is how we find the good deals, right?! $410 with free use of a washer/dryer. how much do you pay? and what part of town are you in?

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