Fresh start

Alright well things have been hectic for me with the move and all so pf has kind of taken a seat on the back burner but I’m still going to try and keep posting because that’s what keeps me on track.

I find that if I don’t make an effort to pay attention to my finances, things go off in about a billion directions. For example before my move I had to really sit down and organize cash I had on hand. With all the traveling I’ve done in the past year and my dislike of making currency transactions (because every transaction costs money) turns out I had over $1000 between 4 currencies and traveler’s cheques. A few hundred here and there sure adds up fast.

Setting up in a new city kind of makes my finances look crappy with the lack of a job and income and all the expenses that add up when getting set up. But hopefully I’ll get things on track soon.


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