Save on travel insurance.

Well this was totally perfect timing. I was just reading MDJ’s 25 Ways I Save Money post and clicked on the link to, the insurance comparison online tool because as it happens on my to-do list for today was to buy travel insurance. I’m going overseas in a couple of days and of course I always leave everything until the last minute. But in this 909311___corporate__.jpgcase, it’s a good thing I did because I was ready to buy more expensive insurance from the travel agent where I bought my ticket. Instead, I was quoted a better rate from and went with that.

When I went on a major long-term trip a couple of years ago, my friend and I were scouring the internet for travel insurance companies, and calling them all up, giving them all our information so that they could give us a quote and then comparing all the quotes we got. Even between the two of us, it was a lot of work. So I’m sure glad I discovered this site.

Ironically, the service was so useful at getting me a great deal that I won’t be needing to buy any more travel insurance for at least the next year. Turns out that a plan that covered me for the whole year was cheaper than one to cover just this upcoming trip. So any trips I take in the next year are covered, which is great. I just wish I’d known about it when I paid just slightly less than I’m paying for this year coverage back in October to cover me for the week I went to LA. Oh well, pay to learn!


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