Cooking at home

869817_cooking_process_4.jpgOne of the tenets of being frugal and saving money is to cook at home. For whatever reason, young people tend to be intimidated by cooking. While my mom is one of the most awesome cooks I know, I couldn’t learn how to cook from her because she just throws stuff into a pan or pot and it comes out delicious, but when I threw stuff into a pan or pot, it turned out nasty.

So I embarked on the journey of learning to cook by following recipes in cookbooks or online, and through trial and error. And slowly but surely, I’ve become a better cook, but there is still a ton for me to learn…

Enter Rouxbe, a website with recipes and… ta da! Instructional videos! Because sometimes it is hard to understand how to do something new from a cookbook alone (or worse, the cookbook assumes you know exactly how to julienne or chiffonade). I love this site. The quality of the videos is really high and makes it so easy to understand exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. I especially like the short videos they call drilldowns which are full of great information like:

You don’t need to register to watch the drilldown videos, but you do need to register to view the video recipes. It’s free for the first 30 days, and after that you can either sign up to be matched with a sponsor or pay for access. Or invite friends and get credit (so if you sign up following this link, I’ll get some credits šŸ™‚ ). After registering you’ll be able to watch the videos for

And tons more! I love food, I love to eat, and slowly I’m learning how to cook some fancier stuff at home which is great.


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