Save money with students

Last week I went to an acupuncturist for the first time (I’ve been struggling with a health issue for a while and nothing’s working so I’m desperate). It was an interesting experience and I hope it helps. The only thing is the Doctor told me I’d have to come in for at least another 3 treatments. At $60 a pop, it’s going to add up to be a big unexpected chunk of change. While I’m willing to spend the money because as I said, I’m desperate and willing to spend pretty much anything on my health, it would be nice if I didn’t have to.

So that’s when it occurred to me that I should book an appointment with a student acupuncturist for a third of the price (the place I went to was a clinic in a college). If it were my first time, I would be pretty nervous about having a student poke needles in me, but having experienced it once I think it will be ok.

Seeking out students is not a bad way to save money. For example, I always used to get my haircuts at an Aveda Academy Salon. The price of getting your hair cut by a student is much less than what it costs to get it done from a professional. The downside is that since students are constantly going through the program, you’re always getting someone different. But that doesn’t bother me and I’ve never had a bad cut at either of the schools I’ve been to. In fact, I would say I get better cuts since the instructors supervise the student’s work and techniques and really make sure they do it right. Another time I got a fabulous cut for free at a super expensive salon that charges $120+ for a cut, just because the person cutting my hair was an apprentice (finished school but still having to gain hours). Again, one of the senior hairdressers was supervising his work closely.

If you like trying gourmet food but don’t like paying gourmet restaurant prices, why not see if your local culinary school has a school restaurant? Here in Calgary there is the Highwood restaurant at SAIT that serves some tasty lunch and dinner for a reasonable price considering what you get.

And since we were just talking about weddings… One way to save money is to have a photography student photograph your wedding instead of paying full professional rates. Of course that could be a bit of a gamble, depending on how important your photos are to you.

Any other services that can be provided by students that I forgot?


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