Silver lining

I can’t decide whether or not it’s a good thing that I broke my toe. I mean, well obviously it’s not a good thing, but it’s giving me some time to think about things.

Finance wise, breaking my toe has already cost me 4 days of work. I’ve been temping the last little while and when you’re temping things can be a bit unstable. For now, I don’t mind having the time off (asides from it being crappy that I’ll have no money coming in), but I’m a little worried about when I get back from my week-long trip to LA next week. I’m not sure how long it takes for a broken toe to heal, and even if it feels fine in a couple of weeks, I’m not sure I’m going to be wanting to shove my feet into pointy toed high heels (which have basically been my standard office footwear while I’ve been temping). I guess I should just not worry about it until the time comes.

Anyway, while sitting around bored yesterday, I realized I may have some things that I could sell on Etsy, so I went and created a seller’s account. I’m going to wait until I get back from LA to list things though. So there’s a tiny potential for some income there.

I also finally got around to sending an inquiry email to a supplier out in Vancouver for a business idea that’s been brewing in my head for some time and I got a prompt reply which was nice. Baby steps, I guess, but steps none the less.


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